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It was a FAIRLY good year.

 A hell of a lot happened in 2009. Overall it was a great year.

-1) The thing that sucked most about this year was losing my dog, Dale. It was painful, sad, and I was mopey for months. Heck, I'm still mopey about that. He was a great dog and I'm definitely going to miss him big time.

1) In 2009 I really started experimenting with my comics. I went from cutesy anime-ish to well, not. I went through a big revamp of one of my webcomics which has currently been put on hiatus. I was contacted by an agent this year, as well as invited to join an anthology that will probably come out later this year (2010). I definitely started to develop my own style, and while there are influences I feel that it can stand on its own.

2) School. I am moving closer to graduating  and with that I was on Dean's List all of 2009. I'm graduating in May and will probably attend Grad school via online.

3) Getting out there? In 2009 I discovered Twitter. I waited until about April or May to actually join it, but nevertheless it has given me a good start to getting my work out there. I've 'met' some awesome people via Twitter and I hope to continue to do so.

4) I have to say the best and biggest thing to happen to me in 2009 was getting engaged!! Pauly and I will be getting married in October or November of 2010, we are still working out the details so we don't have a date at the moment. Once that is set our plans will really go underway. Another spectacular thing that happened in 2009 was Ellen, my sister (in-law) became pregnant! She'll be due the end of April or so. Her and my brother are so excited and so is the rest of the family. Oh, and guess what, they're having TWINS! I'm going to be an aunt to a beautiful boy and girl! 

Time sure does fly.

So there we have it. 2009 summed up in a few short paragraphs.