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Whew. Busy Bee.

 So little to do and so much time... wait, strike that. Reverse it.

I'm SWAMPED with work! I finished up my first placement successfully so next week I'm moving onto the middle school until the end of the April. It's a bizarre feeling that I'm nearly finished and I'm really looking forward to my next placement, I feel like I'll be able to focus on more comics stuff with them since they are all very much into comics, anime and cartoons. Huzzah!

I have a few comic projects planned out over the next few months, and one holds most priority because it's for my brother and his wife who are expecting twins soon! I need to get cracking on it because I'd like it to be finished before they arrive. It will be a picture book of sorts more than a comic, but I suppose I could call it a hybrid. 

I haven't had too much time to draw lately, but I have been planning! (Which is better than nothing, I suppose.)

On wedding news, everything is panning out pretty well and just YESTERDAY I purchased my dress. I love it! I can't wait to wear it! Tonight will be a registry night and we're also meeting with our DJ. Woo.

Anyway, that's all for now, just thought I'd update with an update on life!