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 I haven’t, despite being a big fan of the series, done any fan art for Scott Pilgrim.  I get the “your style kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim” so I figured I should try drawing one of my favorite characters.  Kim is definitely in that spot, I guess I can kind of relate, I used to be the girl who was always friends with the guys but never going out with the guys.  So yeah, to the art.
It's kind of small, I apologize. So yeah, if you read the most recent book, this is from the end. I can’t help but feel it wasn’t an easy bus ride. That’s all I will say, just in case you haven’t read it.  I’ll upload this to twitpic but at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be working.

But yes, Kim.  I hope the books end well for her. We shall see.

Thanks for lookin’.

You can see a bigger version here: http://gingercurls.wordpress.com

The Narrow Way

Short comic I did yesterday, just as some practice and maybe to get some ideas flowing, either way I have to keep drawing.  For more info on this and other upcoming projects, please go here. Http://gingercurls.wordpress.com


Shite, it's been awhile.

 Yeah, I'm not dead. Yet.

Just busy.  For once, I'm busy doing art things and not work things.  Since I barely have a job, (thank you economy) I can finally take some time to work on my 'serial' comic, Positively Fourth Street, about a girl and her life in the city surrounded by musicians. I think it will be tons of fun to make, not just because of the story, but the little things, the details and the inside jokes.  It's heavily music related, so as a music nerd, I get a kick out of adding backdrops such as "Robert's Plants" and so on.  I'm in the middle of doing thumbnails and I feel like my panels are so monotonous.  I'm always looking at references to make them better.

I was thinking of doing it in color, but for printing purposes (just a self-pubby on Lulu.com or something) it's cheaper to do black and white/tone.  I just want something I can hold in my hands, finished, done. 

Some preview sketches can be found on my other site.  Which is also home to my journal comics. 

So yeah, my plans are comics, for the next few months and onward.


 This week has already proven to be a really horrible week, and it's only Sunday.

This morning my dog, Dale, passed away :( He's pictured in my icon with the little hamburger.  He was such a sweetie and was a wonderful dog, I'm going to miss him so much.  My other dog chewy is also upset, I can't imagine how the little guy feels cause they were best friends. Ugh, poor baby.  I just can't wait until this week is over, I only hope I can sleep through it.

Gosh, it really hurts.  There is nothing worse than losing a pet.

Ugh, I'm in a work rut.

 i planned to get a lot done today.  Lesson plans, project for visual concepts, and the like.

Unfortunately, my dad had to go to the hospital last night.  Apparently it's nothing too abnormal, turns out he had a kidney stone.  They haven't come home yet.

Right now, I just don't feel like doing much.



 I suppose this is intended for married couples but hell, why not.

It's about your significant other:

1. Your SO sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Depends on the time of day or what day it is really.

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does your SO get on his/her salad?
Ranch, I suppose.

3. What's one food your SO DOES NOT like?
Red meat, (and one drink I know he doesn't like: MILK)

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What drink does your SO order?
Either ice tea or wine.

5. Where did your SO go to high school?
Absegami High School

6. What size shoe does your SO wear?

7. If your SO were to collect anything, what would it be?
He collects books!!

8. What is your SO's favorite type of sandwich?
Tie between Tuna and turkey sandwiches.

9. What would your SO eat every day if they could?

10. What is your SO's favorite cereal?
He doesn't really eat cereal because he doesn't like milk.

11. What would your SO never wear?
I wanna say a wife beater because I've never seen him in one.

12. What is your SO's favorite sports team?
Not a big sports fan, so it's never come up.

13. Who did your SO vote for?
President Obama, yessireee.

14. Who is your SO's best friend?
I'd like to think it's me :) Cause he's mineee.

15. What is something you do that your SO wishes you wouldn't do?
Tell him how unbelievably handsome he is ;)

16. What is your SO's heritage?
He's half Irish and half Italian.

17. You bake your SO a cake for their birthday; what kind of cake?
White/yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

18. Did your SO play sports in high school?

19. What could your SO spend hours doing?
Writing, reading, drawing, playing video games.

20. What is one unique talent your SO has?
He has the ability to make me laugh no matter how horrible my day has been <3



 I had a dream I was pregnant.  It was...so frakking real I had to check and make sure I wasn't when I woke up. Crazy.


 Well, it's been a little while. Quite a few things to be done and in the process of being done!

First and foremost--COMIC CON! I'll be going this year (next week!) to the Javitz Center in NYC.  I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of book 5 of Scott Pilgrim! I'll also be dressed up as Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim in lieu of my excitement.  I just need to figure out...how.  We shall see.

Aside from that, school has been going well, little slow but that's expected.  I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow! In my digital Illustration class one of the projects we have an option to work on is a comic book cover. It's a blessing really because I hate doing covers and now I can finally finish one and maybe even like it!  That's the first step to bring Positively Fourth Street back online. :)

Speaking of positively, I've been doing TONS-O-PLANNING and I pretty much have the whole story scripted out, I just need some fillers, subplots and so on.  Once again, my style has changed a little, so I'll be working on that, too.

So I focused a bit on my actual comic website.  I'm on smackjeeves, so I'm doing my best to make a bit more personalized.  I added a gallery page, author page, link page, and so on.  Here is what I actually posted for my news post for the site.

"It's a NEW year!

Hey everyone! (and of course, Happy New Year!!!)

With a new year comes, new changes! The first thing you may notice when reading this is that the shoutbox is gone...well, more like relocated. The shoutbox is now located in the brand new FAQ section. :) Additionally, there are a few more new sections on the website. Such as:
-Art (my gallery, which will have my art as well as guest art!)
-Author (info on meeee+my twitter feed!)
-Links (which is now the affiliates page as well, let me know if you want to affiliate with me! This section will also soon include banners and buttons for you to link back to me)
-AND, lastly--the cast page, I did some revamping of, same character profile as before but a bit neater.

So, that sounds promising--and if you haven't looked at my update--go look! If you don't want to, that's OK, but just know, I'm on my way back! Positively Fourth Street is overflowing with ideas and exciting events! I'm going to lay off and stop being so anal and just get the story going because I love it and I want you all to love it, too :)

I hope that you'll all look forward to updates, I want to get a few pages drawn out before I start posting to avoid that lull...so february should be an ample amount of time. Thanks everyone!!!! You all have been so great, and I can't thank you enough. 

Check back soon for a contest!! :)"

SO anyway, that's about it for those updates.  I also added a donate button??? Just for the hell of it.  It will only be utilized after I get steady updates, and it is by no means obligatory, just there just in case anyone feels the need to.  Also, if I start commissions I'll just have it routed through there.  It's easier that way. :) But, that's a long way off.

And the contest should be rearing its head soon, it should be fun :) 

Things with the boyfriend are going splendidly, we are currently looking for a place to live as money is getting tight and we want to be close to each other :) Plus, financially, it's much better for us.  I can't afford a place on my own and his current rent now is through the roof! So that's a big step :) I'm really looking forward to it.

Anywho, that concludes my entry for this month.  

::meanders off to class::


 Well, it's the new year, everyone! 

Everyone always asks me what my resolutions are and I usually don't even try anymore.  The last resolution I made was to swear less and some other shit...so we can see how well that went.

As far as news goes, I start school next monday (the 12th) and I'm Oh-so-excited... I'm kind of looking forward to it, my classes seem pretty interesting.

Advanced Printmaking
Digital Illustration
Visual Concepts
Speech (UGH)
Weight Lifting and Conditioning (we have to do it as a gym class)
Intro to Sociology
DNA Forensics lab

So all in all, I'm OK with this upcoming semester.  I wasn't thrilled about last semester and I missed Dean's list by a point or so (figures). Oh well, c'est la vie, eh?

Other than that, no news:  Things are going wonderfully with Paul and I couldn't be more happy than I am.  He gave me the sweetest Christmas gift and I proceeded to ball in front of my parents.  Luckily, they really like him a lot--which came in quite handy when Paul told my father that we are in a serious relationship that is more than (as he says) "a fart in the wind".  My dad was happy to hear it. ::whew::

Paul and I are looking for apartments around my school area because we are hoping to live together--sometime in May. <3 I'm really looking forward to it but it's really hard trying to find a place because a lot of people don't respond. Bleh.  Not to mention I'm so damn poor. No good.

I'm house-sitting for my brother for about a week starting tomorrow. I think it will be nice and calming, I could use some time to myself, though I will miss my puppies. Obviously, I'll miss my family, but my dad has a way of making holidays and weekends horrendous. 

Well, it's late and I'm exhausted.  I felt the need to post something since the last two entries were drivel and surveys. Though, I can count on one hand the people who are reading this. ;) 

I hope everyone has a happy new year and I wish everyone the best.

New year, yada, yada, yada.

 So, it's a new year,​ what are some of the first​ thing​s you did?

First​ thing​ to eat?
Probably one of those Rolo pretzel things.

First​ drink​?​
Champagne, duh.

First​ thing​ you said?​
Happy New Year, love!

First​ kiss?​
Yup, with my Pauly

First​ phone​ call?​

First​ perso​n you talke​d to on an insta​nt messe​nger?​
Um...I dunno.

First​ game you playe​d?​

First​ song you liste​ned to?
Calico Skies-Paul McCartney

First​ hug?

First​ car ride?​
With Paul to pick up Chew.​

First​ movie​?​
While you were Sleeping

First​ music​al instr​ument​?​
Uhh I dunno, keyboard?

First​ perso​n to text you at midni​ght?​

First​ thing​ you did when you woke up new years​ day?
Had breakfast with Pauly

First​ thing​ you watch​ed on tv?
Twilight ZONE​

Was this your first​ surve​y of 2009?​
Yeah, because surveys are silly.