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Happy New Year!!

First off, Happy NEW YEAR!

Second, I can't believe the holiday season is coming to a close and that I have to go back to school!

I start student teaching in a week or so and that will take a huge chunk of time out of my art (sigh), but I do hope to keep on trucking with whatever free time I have. It's really hard because I know at the end of the day I'll be exhausted but I have to do my best, if I don't draw comics I'll be miserable...  That being said, my big resolution for the new year is to focus more on comics! Paul and I plan on going to MoCCA this year as well as SPX (and we also plan on getting married, too!)  I have a few short mini comics to do this year as well as the collaboration with Paul which remains untitled, and also my graphic novel pitch that ALSO remains to be untitled (can you tell I hate naming things??)

Anyway, my hopes for the year is to get more comics done, maybe even get some recognition?? Slowly but surely, I'll say. I also need to work on my submission to anthology amongst a few online artists, which is due March 31st. That will probably be one of my main focuses when I get free time during student teaching.

So with the new year we also have tons of memes going around, I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon--



Jan. 4th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
Haha yes it is a little terrifying but I have good teachers to let me know everything I'm doing wrong or right so I feel confident that I will do as well as I can and learn a heck of a lot! Thanks so much, Emi :] this year we will BOTH get tons more comics done!

Haha thanks, the meme was kind of a I wanna draw something but I don't know what, it was quite fun to draw! Thanks :] every day styles are always the most comfortable.